Individual Results

Individual's Results (Explained)

Individual result in this app refers to all the semester results of a single diploma/polytechnic student published by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board(BTEB)

Roll Number

The roll number is the 6-digit number on your admit card or registration card.

The Exam Options

The exam name option refers to the curriculum name of your diploma or polytechnic exam under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB). By default "Diploma In Engineering" is selected. So if your exam is different from the default, make sure you select the right exam name before you hit the "View Result" button.

Available exams results

  • Diploma In Engineering
  • Diploma In Engineering (Army)
  • Diploma In Engineering (Naval)
  • Diploma In Tourism And Hospitality
  • Diploma In Textile Engineering
  • Diploma In Agriculture
  • Diploma In Fisheries
  • Diploma In Forestry
  • Diploma In Livestock
  • Diploma In Medical Technology
  • Certificate In Medical Ultrasound
  • Diploma In Commerce
  • Certificate In Marine Trade
  • Advanced Certificate Course
  • National Skill Standard Basic Certificate Course
  • HSC (Business Management)
  • HSC (Vocational)

Semester Results

A single semester could contain multiple results. But each result will have a publish date on top of it. And only the latest result is your final result for the semester. Previous results are just history. So don’t get confused if you had referred in previous results.

Referred Subjects

Every subject on the referred subject list contains the subject code at the beginning, then the subject name, and at last the failure type of the subject wrapping in brackets.

GPA is not published (Explained)

Let’s say someone has failed in a subject in the 6th semester and passed the referred subject in the next semester (7th). They will get the result of the current semester (7th), but not the GPA of the previous semester (6th), although they have passed in the 6th semester. In that case, you can contact your institute for the GPA.

Referred in the previous semester

If someone is still unable to pass any subject of the previous semester, they will not get the GPA of the current semester. To get GPA in a semester, you can't have any referred subject in any semester.

Subjects yet to pass

The subjects that are included in your latest result are yet to pass. In this case, the red color subjects are highlighted from their own semesters.

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