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Group Results

Combination of roll numbers in group's results

Roll numbers for group result is a combination rather than simply roll number. Let’s say you want to see the results from roll 921711 to roll 921726. Then you have to write 921711-921726. Now you may want to add some roll numbers from outside of this range. In that case, you have to write their roll numbers separated by a comma.

The Exam Options

The exam name option refers to the curriculum name of your diploma or polytechnic exam under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB). By default "Diploma In Engineering" is selected. So if your exam is different from the default, make sure you select the right exam name before you hit the "View Result" button.

Available exams results

  • Diploma In Engineering
  • Diploma In Engineering (Army)
  • Diploma In Engineering (Naval)
  • Diploma In Tourism And Hospitality
  • Diploma In Textile Engineering
  • Diploma In Agriculture
  • Diploma In Fisheries
  • Diploma In Forestry
  • Diploma In Livestock
  • Diploma In Medical Technology
  • Certificate In Medical Ultrasound
  • Diploma In Commerce
  • Certificate In Marine Trade
  • Advanced Certificate Course
  • National Skill Standard Basic Certificate Course
  • HSC (Business Management)
  • HSC (Vocational)

Sort By Result Or Roll Number

To sort the group list by roll number, click on the “Roll” heading. And to sort by Results, click on the “Results” heading.

See Referred Subjects

To view the referred or failed subjects, click on the red text including referred. A dialog will pop up and show the subject codes, name, and the type of failure.