About BTEB Results Zone

BTEB Results Zone is a web-based platform designed to provide polytechnic students in Bangladesh with easy and convenient access to their examination results. Developed by Sakibul Islam, a former student of Barisal Polytechnic Institute, this platform offers a quick and efficient solution to the often time-consuming and cumbersome process of checking examination results.

The platform, which was first launched in 2021 at btebresults.herokuapp.com, quickly gained popularity among polytechnic students in Bangladesh. In response to the high demand, a new version of the platform was developed in 2022, offering an even more user-friendly interface and improved functionality.

The new version of BTEB Results Zone was launched in July 2022, and within just two days it reached over 98,000 users, exceeding the free server bandwidth limit. To meet this increased demand, the platform was relaunched at https://btebresultszone.com.

So, how does it work? Our program collects examination results from PDF files, which are published by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB), and saves them to our database. Then, by querying the database using the student's roll number, the results can be quickly and easily retrieved and displayed on the platform.

BTEB Results Zone is a third-party project and we have no direct relationship with BTEB. However, we strive to provide the most accurate and up-to-date results possible. Please note that while we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the results displayed on our platform, we cannot guarantee the results, as we have no control over the data published by BTEB.

Despite the tremendous success of BTEB Results Zone, it has come to our attention that some imitators have tried to take advantage of our hard-earned popularity. Unfortunately, these copycats have replicated our design and functionality, and in some cases, even used our logo and brand name to mislead people. Although it's disappointing to see others trying to claim credit for our work, it only reinforces our commitment to providing the best possible user experience for polytechnic students in Bangladesh. We remain dedicated to delivering accurate and up-to-date results, and we won't let the actions of these copycats deter us from our mission.

In conclusion, BTEB Results Zone offers a fast and convenient solution for polytechnic students in Bangladesh who are looking for an easy way to access their examination results. Whether you are a current student, or a recent graduate, BTEB Results Zone is here to help you stay informed and up-to-date.

About Developer:

Sakibul Islam, the creator of “BTEB Results Zone”, is a former student of Barisal Polytechnic Institute where he completed his Diploma in Engineering in Power Technology. Despite his background in Power Technology, his passion for computer programming led him to pursue his studies further by enrolling in a B.Sc in Computer Science & Engineering program. He is also a freelance web developer, putting his skills and knowledge to use in creating useful and user-friendly platforms.

After experiencing the frustrating result system during his own Diploma in Engineering studies, he saw an opportunity to use his passion for programming to create a better solution. In his third year of study, he created the “BTEB Results Zone” app to provide an effective and user-friendly platform for accessing examination results. Sakib's deep understanding of the needs of polytechnic students when it comes to accessing their results has made the “BTEB Results Zone” platform a reliable and convenient tool for students across the country.

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Sakibul Islam (Sakib)

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